An Introduction to Falconry
For Novices

Falconry is a truly amazing spectacle. The stunning sight of a hawk or raptor hunting wild quarry is a feeling that can only be explained to other who have seen it. I’m sure I speak for most hunters when I say that the sport fascinates me.

Using birds of prey to hunt is a highly disciplined and difficult sport. Its requires a high level of commitment. Many will try but often fail due to a lack of knowledge or persistence. A lot of hawkers will agree its all to common to have people buy owls, hawks and even eagles without the proper knowledge. In most cases people have no idea of what they are getting into.

Training a hawk to become your perfect hunting partner is incredibly appealing. But it takes a long time to build a relationship with the animal. A fully trained hawk will be more interested in providing food for its ‘clan’ rather then feeding itself.

This section of the site is not aimed at experts. Its for the people who would like to start hunting with falcons and hawks or would just like to know more. So whether you here to see if the sport is for you or you simply want to know what its all about, your have come to the right place.

Head to "What is Falconry and How is it Done?"

Learn the basic principles of flying birds of prey, like how the bird is trained and how they are used to hunt.

Equipment- What's Used and Why

From falcon hoods to jesses, learn what equipment is used for what and how it affects the bird and its hunt. Including gloves, bells and more

Head to “The History Of The Sport; A Concise Overview ”

Discover the past of hawking. Find out how it started and all the important dates for the sport.

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