All things Ferreting
Methods, Tips and Advice.

Ferreting is by far my favorite way to hunt rabbit. It yields large catches for a small start up cost. It is also one of the most humane methods of pest control I can think of! Two men with two ferrets can flush a large number of rabbit warrens in a morning, with instant results.

Although easy to start, it is a very hard sport to master. It will take some time to master the details such as the training, breeding and reading the movements of your furry friend. There is also a knack to using the nets, spade and tracker to their fullest.

So what is amazing sport? Well simply put, a ferret is used to flush rabbits into pre-placed self closing nets. But its also possible to use dogs or shot guns if you wish. The ferret will work quickly, quietly and effectively using all of their natural insects to scare that rabbit out from its barrow.

I would strongly suggest this sport to any beginner as its great fun, its effective and great exercise. Take some time to carefully read the articles below before you consider this field sport for the first time. It is important you understand all the basics to ensure that your animals are safe and that you have the best hunt possible.

Head to "The Basics of The Sport "

Learn the basics of using ferrets and laying a net. Including how to handle your working animal, dig them out with a tracker and getting the most from your netting.

Everything you Need to know about Everything You'll Need

Choose your equipment wisely and make sure you have the best rabbiting spade, Tracker and carry box you can get.

Head to “Ferrets Behaviour, Characteristics and Domestication ”

Touch up on your ferret knowledge. This article will tell you about hunting partner such as gender terminology and the history to their domestication.

Head to "Is a Pet Ferret Right For You?

Wondering if you know enough and have what you need for keeping this unusual pet? Well find out here!

Head to "Which Cage Should I Use?"

As important to your four legged friend as your house is to you; Find out if you can provide what is needed to provide a happy life.

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