Rabbit Hunting Dogs
The Laws, The Breeds and Methods

Using hunting dogs dates back to ancient Egypt. Mans best friend makes his place know through out history as one of the greatest hunting aids available. So it is no wonder that even today our four legged side-kick is used for hunting wild rabbit.

The use of dogs is a touchy issue now. The law has clamped down on their use for hunting and this has even affected the hunting of rabbits. This section of the site aims to remove all the rumor and miss-understanding. Allowing you to worry about what matters most, the hunt.

A running lurcher, a true hunting dog

Using a dog can dramatically improve your odds in the field in many many ways. Working your animal can mean having a beagle flush a rabbit towards your shot gun. It could mean having a retriever pick up your successful shot. It is even possible to replace your .22 rifle with a lurcher while you lamp, all possible with the correct know how and training.

Along with all the information on breeds and types of hunting dog, you can find out all about the different methods of training, hunting and housing a working animal. Before you even buy a dog (or consider beginning to train one) you must understand what it will involve and careful think about all of the animals needs, such as food, shelter and most of all care.
The methods in which a dog is used can vary a lot. They can be used for anything from flushers or trail finders. Watching a beagle, lurcher or retriever you have carefully trained working well is something every dog trainer hopes for. With the correct approach and method it can be achieved by all most anyone.

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Touch up on your dog breed knowledge with this small and easy summery to the different species and their uses.

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Using a dog on the lamp is a great method to clear fields and makes for a great nights hunting. Find out all you need to know about this excellent pest control method here.

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Some times, you'll have to find a way to hunt in thick wooded areas or tall grass or crops. These give the rabbits plenty of places to hide and makes it almost impossible to use most methods of rabbiting. Using a dog such a beagle or a spaniel to flush the rabbit while shotgun hunting is idea.

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The hunting act has affected the way in which shooting with dogs is done and means hunters must take extra care to avoid prosecutions. But with a little explanation its fairly easy to understand and follow the laws this act includes.

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