Long Netting
All you Need to Know

Sadly, long netting is a dying art. Which shocks me; Hunting with netting is a very easy and very powerful pest control method. This method could be used on any large plot of land. At any time. By pretty much Anyone! All you need is a rabbit problem.

Longnetting is, unsurprisingly, the use of nets to catch rabbits. This field sport requires a lot of practice, patience and care, but also stealth and speed. Its common for people to believe that the most important part of this sport is simply setting the net, forgetting all about the vital field craft and careful movements needed to score that rabbit in the bag.

Using these nets is an affective (and relatively cheap) method of pest control available to any one with a plot of land suitable. It causes no environmental harm, is incredibly humane and leaves un-spoilt meat to enjoy or sell. The key to being a Rabbit netter is a silent and logical placement of the net, followed by perfect flushing tactics. Not forgetting the speed you’ll need to make that all important kill of course.

A rabbit fresh from the long net

before you master setting a net and exterminating your pest, you need to understand the basics. Which way is the wind blowing? Do you want to set the net before or after the rabbits go to feed? And what the hell is “Net Snagging” anyway? There are many methods which you can use to maximize your catch off all the different kinds of lands. Its wise to understand the different kinds of nets and locations. All the information you need for this fast, cheap but affective method can be found here.

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Find out what the difference between a quickset and trammel net. Because knowing what net to use can make the difference between a good trip and a very bad one.

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About as important as its gets for any would be net-hunter. Learn the basics to getting a net into the ground and where to put it.

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Any one would think scaring rabbits is easy, but doing it accurately and quickly is a different issue! Learn and master the different methods here.

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