Rabbit control

All the methods and tricks

Understanding rabbit control is a 100% must for all farmers or small land owners. Even a small group of wild rabbits can ruin hours of work and cause costly damages. This pest control can be achieved with different hunting methods, repellants, traps and cages and all manner of fences. So which is best for you and your land?

Deciding which method is best often depends on your outlook and what land you are trying to protect. Farmers will need more extreme extermination methods while gardeners will want cheaper and easier techniques. Do you plan on hunting yourself or hiring others? Or do you just want to try to prevent your pest from entering your garden without ever interacting with them?

A rabbit doing what it does best, eating.

Well the good news is that it is all possible. A large list of tricks, methods and tools are available to anyone and to suit every ones needs and views. If you fancy getting hands on, you can take up a new sport in long netting, snaring or even ferreting. If you don’t like the idea of hunting yourself but want to kill your pests you might be interested in gassing or hiring hunters.

Fancy more rabbit friendly methods of control? Then fences and repellants may be your ideal solution. And despite what many may tell you, these can cause a large reduction in bunny related damage.

I suggest you carefully consider each method, its cost and its affect before doing any kind of extermination. Keep in mind it’s often best to use more then one method at a time for the best possible results.

Use the links below to discover new methods and confirm anything your unsure about. Or just to brush up on what you know so you can make a fully informed choice.

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There are many different rabbit repellent methods out there but choosing which to use can be a bit tricky. Learn which methods are best for your needs with hints and tips to help get the most you can out of your repellents.

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Why spend a lot on branded products when you can try and make your own? Learn the best DIY rabbit repellent methods available.

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Gassing rabbit is one of the most popular methods of rabbit control and for good reason. Find out what you need and how it can be done here.

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Learn how to make a DIY rabbit fence and how to pick the materials to make it from. Also a little bit of advice about electrical fences and how well they work for rabbit control.

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