Rabbit Shooting

All You Need to Know

Rabbit shooting is very popular. It comes in many forms, allowing for almost any kind of hunt that is always massively satisfying. Because it is so accessible and enjoyable, I would strongly recommend that anyone with the means to try any form of firearm hunting gives it a go.

Skilled marks men can enjoy many days out picking rabbits off with a .22 rifle across fields with well placed shots. Or go out at night with a lamp to stun and spot targets, making for easy shots and high kill counts. Its no wonder its such a popular way to ridding the fields of the pests.

Or a shotgun lover can use his gundog to stalk and chase prey, leading them towards the marksmen leaving nothing but a skilled shot between the hunter and his kill. The same thing can be achieved by using ferrets to flush rabbits out of barrows, perfect for any shotgun master to test his reflexes and aim.

But you don’t need a firearms license and a powerful shot gun to enjoy shooting rabbits. A steady and stealthy hunter could use an air rifle and stealth to kill his prey. Allowing him to make a careful headshot and leave the meat unspoiled.

A shotgun Shell left after rabbit shooting

But before you start, you need to know the laws, the methods and your weaponry. Not forgetting gun safety and where you should aim when shooting rabbits. So do you fancy yourself as a stalker? Or maybe you want to try your aim with lamping? Click the links below to find out more

Head to " The Firearm Laws"

The gun laws in the UK get ever more complex and increasingly limit what hunters can own and use. find out what you need to know here.

Head to "Hunting Rabbit with an Air Rifle"

The only form of shooting rabbit in the UK where you don't need a gun licence. Learn all you need to know about stalking rabbit with an air rifle.

Head to "Lamping with Rifles"

Using a bright lamp to stun the rabbit and picking them off with a high powered rifle is the name of the game. A truely brilliant and popular control method.

Head to "Shotgun Hunting with a Rabbit Hunting dog"

Some times, you'll have to find a way to hunt in thick wooded areas or tall grass or crops. These give the rabbits plenty of places to hide and makes it almost impossible to use most methods of rabbiting. Using a rabbit hunting dog such a beagle or a spaniel to flush the prey for rabbit shooting is ideal.

Head to "Shooting rabbits while Hunting with Ferrets"

Hunting with ferrets while shooting what ever flushes out of the warrens is a high speed hunters dream. It'll test any gun mans aim and speed, making for a great day out or an alternative to shooting pheasant or pigeon.

Head to How to Shoot Rabbit Correctly

Learn the best way to shoot rabbit for a clean and quick kill with any kind of gun.

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