The Rabbit Snare
How to build, Use and Set Snare Traps

Using a rabbit snare is tricky business. I have often heard of people giving up on snaring after a few attempts and thinking “This isn’t for me”. The truth is that there are many misleading, incorrect and just plain wrong books, websites and ideas about snaring. I plan to clear them up and bring back this great British sport.

Snaring rabbit is done by placing a “snare wire” in the natural path of a bunny. Normally in a track or trail (like in the photo below), which are very easy to find. The wire tightens around the pest as he hops into it. Well that’s the plan, but getting it right is a precise thing.

A rabbits track, also know as a beat or run groove

It’s possible for the rabbit to jump under or over the snare, causing it to tighten on mid air or knocking it over. There is also a chance that the wire loop is knocked over by the wind, other animals or that it just gives in to gravity. All can be avoided with a little bit of method, logic, practice and luck.

Using these ‘wire traps’ is great for all scales of pest control and is a respected hunting form. A skilled snare hunter can bag a heavy haul with little time investment. All you need to start is a few DIY snares and a place to hunt!

So whether you want to protect your small garden, your crop field or want to hunt for fun and food, you’ll find this a rewarding method.

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