Rabbit Trapping, How to Make, Use and Set Traps

When it comes to cheap and easy pest control, rabbit trapping is one of the greats. Any land owner with a wild rabbit problem can benefit from placing a simple trap or two on their ground. And there’s the joy, simple. It doesn’t take an expert to set, use or empty any kind of trap.

A rabbit in a cage trap

If used properly, these traps can supply a steady stream of rabbit meat for any ‘man of the land’. Making it ideal for people who want to eat fresh wild rabbit but have no time for hunting. Also a great joy to small gardeners, as traps allow for a minimum level of input but can really eliminate small rabbit problems.

But this doesn’t mean that traps can’t be used for larger land and rabbit problems. Different traps can yield much higher results such as pits (See more in “The Different Types of Traps” below), meaning that farmers can use this method in combination with others to receive greater results.

There are a few different types of traps, methods and baits you can use. Some people use a range of traps combined with other control methods but some use a cage or two to bulk their larders. What ever your aim, it can be easily achieved with the know-how.

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discover what the different between a spring based trap and a pit trap are in this easy breakdown.

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The trap is useless without the bait! Do you need to pay for high range bait or will using any old carrot do? Read more and find out.

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It goes without saying, If the trap isn't placed properly or in the right place its unlikely to catch. Find out where and how to place your rabbit traps to maximize your chances.

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Tips, advice and methods on how to remove rabbits from cages. Although it may sound simple its easy its to get it wrong and end losing the rabbit or hurting yourself.

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