Rabbit Nutrition

How Healthy is Rabbit Meat?

In short, very. The facts behind the rabbit nutrition in its meat and its value as a food source are glowing with positive points. It has half the calories of pork, less then half the fat of beef and is over 20% protein. Below are some simple tables and graphs comparing rabbit meat to other popular meats. Under that you’ll some rabbit meat facts that will give you further information; whether your planning a diet or just want to know more.

Rabbit Nutrition Information

The table below shows the value of one serving (1 lb or 299 grams). The daily value is calculated using a 2000 calorie diet:

A table showing the Nutritonal value of Rabbit Meat

*Protein is not calculated due to various conditions

If your like me, seeing the facts like that doesn’t say a lot. So I decided to compare with other types of meat to give me a better idea.

Comparing Calories Per Pound :

A Graph Comparing Rabbit Meat to others in terms of Calories per pound

As you can see, the rabbit’s nutritional information for calories is the lowest. It is also worth pointing out that one pound of rabbit is far more filling then one pound of pork. Despite this, pork is over three times the calories!

Cholesterol (mg) per 500 grams*:
*500 grams is just over a pound

A Graph comparing the level of cholesterol in rabbit to other meats

Cholesterol levels are a growing health concern and replacing the odd meal with wild rabbit meat might be a step in the right direction for you.

Comparing Fat percentages:

A graph comparing the percentage of fat in rabbit to other meats

Yet again, rabbit comes out on top with an extremely low fat percentage, it also has the highest protein percentage, making the wild meat the best for dieting and muscle building.

Other facts and information

Rabbit meat has been eaten for many years and is still extremely popular in many places around the world, you can find out more in “The History of Rabbit Farming and Warreners”.

Below are my top seven interesting rabbit meat facts:

7.Rabbits haven been used for meat as far back as 1500BC

6. Rabbit is all white meat. This makes it great for certain diets.

5. France is the world’s biggest supplier and buyer of rabbit meat.

4. While feeding off its mother’s milk, a new born rabbit can double its weight in just 6 days.

3. It is common for rabbit meat to be used in special diets for the aged, for heart disease patients and weight loss.

2. Rabbit is in season all year, but is best to eat during the winter months because of natural fats that are built up.

1. If you where to eat nothing but rabbit you would die. This is due to the fact that rabbit lacks certain vitamins; this killed a lot of warreners! Don’t worry though, rabbit is perfectly safe to eat as long as it’s not all you eat.

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