Repelling Rabbit

With Homemade Repellents

Sick of having your plants, fruits or herbs destroyed by bunnies? Repelling rabbit is one of the easiest ways for small garden owners to save their own grown goods. Whether you grow for pleasure or business it is key that you control any rabbit problem before it gets out of hand.

A plant damaged by wild rabbits

Repelling rabbit with homemade mixtures is most likely the cheapest, safest and most humane method available to you. Not forgetting you know what has gone into your homemade repellent, meaning no potentially harmful chemicals like some products. So why wait?

How does it work?

Wild Rabbits have a very strong sense of smell and taste. They use it to carefully decide which food is best for them. This makes sense when you think about the risk they take by leaving their warrens. Being herbivores, rabbits like mild smells. This makes smells like garlic, pepper and especially chili a repulsive thing to a rabbit. A lot like humans; they hate unnatural tastes, such as washing up liquid.

The natural fear of the smell of ‘death’ can also put off your fluffy pest. This smell can be found in blood, eggs and of course raw meat. I wouldn’t suggest using raw meat, no one wants foxes! The added advantage to using strong smells is that it can also repel deer, cats and even rats as well as repelling rabbits!

Lets take a look at the different methods you can use to spread such smells.

Odor barrier

The easiest repellent method, placing smelly items around the problem area. The ‘problem area’ being the most affected plant/place by rabbits or the entrance they use to get to it (such as a hole in the fence). Simply leave cloves of garlic, scatter chili seeds and break eggs in these areas. Many people have said they have great success growing strong smelling plants, such as lavender, mint and other herbs. If these don’t yield success for you, you could try the method below.

Taste Barrier

Just like above, but more direct. Covering your plants with chili powder, egg and other strong tasting items can be all it takes. If it tastes so bad why eat it? The most affective way of doing this is with a spray mixture (see below) but can be done with raw ingredients.

Spray Mixture

Mixing your own spray is really simple. Using mostly water with other mixtures in a spray can to blanket your problem areas is great for repelling rabbit. Simply buy a spray bottle ( or search your cupboards for a reusable one) and fill it up.

Before you start spraying plants with mixtures, think about whether or not it may damage the plant. It’s clear that covering your spring onions in a bottle of vodka is a bad idea! Make sure that your ingredients are well diluted and used sparingly.

Also keep in mind that some mixtures might attract other pests (like ants), so choose carefully.

Below are some mixtures I would suggest you try to find which works best for you:

• Crushed Garlic, Tabasco sauce ( or any spicy sauce), washing up liquid and water

• Sliced chili, raw egg, black pepper (crushed or whole) and water

• Chili powder, raw eggs, milk and water.

If none of these work you could try the more extreme mixtures below:

• Washing detergent, mint sweets (hard mints that melt are best),cheap vodka (the cheaper the better) and 3/4s water.

• Lavender, mint, vinegar and water

• Chili powder, sliced chili, Tabasco sauce and any fizzy drink(this helps break up the chili) and water

Once you have your mixture, spray it directly onto the plant being eaten, on the soil around the plant and any access points.Don't forget to shake the bottle between sprays. Also keep any eye open for rabbit droppings to spray. Don’t be afraid of using more then mix at a time. If one nasty smell doesn’t put them off the next two might!

The Spray Bottles I use for repelling rabbit

If all else fails?

Even if you try all the methods and mixtures, you might find your pest is too reluctant. If food is in short supply some rabbits will overcome the repellents you have used. If this is the case then you may want to buy a or consider other methods. Such as professional repellets or consider other methods. Such as Trapping.

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