The Wild Rabbit, All the Information you Need

Want to hunt or control wild rabbits? Then the first step is to learn all about them. Knowing your prey increases your chances. So whether you want to exterminate, hunt or admire rabbit, its best to know your facts.

The European rabbit is an amazing animal. Although they originated from the extreme south-west of Europe, the all too familiar cotton-tailed bunny has managed to spread and multiply across the whole of Europe. The problem grows greater and greater despite the Myxomatosis virus wiping out around 90% of the population in Europe and continuing to kill around one third of all rabbits in the UK today!

With many natural behaviors and habits the European rabbit is a fairly easy animal to out-wit. It is safe to say most people know where to find them, but can you tell when a hole was last used? Do you know what they eat other then grass? and can you tell when a rabbit has Myxomatosis? Knowing all of these things will give you the upper-hand on the field no matter what kind of control or sport aspect you are in to.

A Wild Rabbit in the Grass

Many people are shocked at just how complex and unusual our nation-wide pest is. Did you know that bunnies where farmed in the UK and around Europe before they ran away to dig their own warrens? And that about 20% of a rabbit’s weight is made up from its digestive system? I was shocked to find out that rabbit fur used to be one of England’s most valuable resources, seeing as I can’t give the stuff away.

Use the links below to find all the information, from breeding habits to diet. Remember, know your enemy!

Head to " The History of Rabbit Farming and Warreners"

Rabbits weren't always the biggest pest in Europe. They where introduced to most of Europe as a food and fur source. Find out more in this article.

Head to "All about Myxomatosis and how The Disease Spread"

Killing over a quarter of all rabbits means myxomatosis has a fairly large death toll. Learn about its spread and history here.

Head to"The Wild Rabbits Diet and Digestion"

Understanding how your prey eats and what it eats can greatly improve your chances of both catching and controlling the pest.

Head to " All the Major Rabbit Breeds and Rabbit Species "

Find out the basic information on all the major breeds and rabbit species in the world.

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