Cooking Rabbit – Tips, Dishes and Why You Should Be Eating it!

Cooking rabbit dishes isn't something you would immediately link to ‘fine dining’ nowadays. The meat is often put down because people believe its ‘dirty’ to eat rabbit. But in truth, rabbit is one of the healthiest meats available. It offers about 1/3rd of the calories and 1/5th of the fat of pork, with very low cholesterol levels.

Its also common to hear people say that rabbit cooking is cruel. But the cute little bunnies are one of Europe’s biggest (if not the biggest) pests! Despite the amount of hunters and pest controllers out after the vermin they still cause millions upon millons of damage to crops, trees and ditches every month. Being a hunter myself, I find it difficult to give away all of my catches, its just insane that eating rabbit isn’t a popular thing!

A Rabbit Stew

So, What does Rabbit Meat Taste Like?

A rich, full earthy flavor. If you have ever eaten game meat before (like pheasant or hare) you’ll know the taste. Many people tell me they find the flavor overpowering,

but it depends on where you got it from and how it was cooked. Wild rabbit has a far stronger, gamey-er taste. If you want a more mild dish, try a farmed rabbit.

If you cook the meat with no other flavoring, it can seem very powerful. But a little sprinkle of rosemary, thyme or even a splash of gravy can make all the difference. Of course the cooking method matters too. A grilled or oven cooked rabbit will have a more mild flavor then if you where to cook rabbit in a slow cooker.

What Methods of Cooking Rabbit Are There?

Just like most meats, anything goes. You can fry it, cook it in the oven and even BBQ it. And just like other meats, each rabbit cooking method makes the end result taste different. Just experiment and see.

What Rabbit Dishes are There to Cook and Eat?

We have all heard of the famous hunter’s meal, the bunny stew. But there is a great list of dishes to try, from curries to stir fries, pies to fried rabbit. The thing I like most about cooking rabbit is the fact you can change the basic recipe over and over to make a new and unique dish every time.

Want to find dishes to try for yourself self? Click the link below!

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