Eating Rabbit: Why you Should be Doing it

When I talk to be people about eating rabbit I normally get looks of horror or disgust. I can tell they are thinking of the unappealing looking meat or the cute rabbit in the field. I personally think not enough people have embraced rabbit meat and given it a chance. Although you might have your reasons not to eat it, I can come up with plenty more why you should!

A rabbit Korma

Reason 1: Rabbit Meat is Good For You

Compared to other meats like pork, beef or chicken, rabbit meat is far healthier. Its far lower in fat, Cholesterol and calories. It is also a very filling meat so you don’t have to eat as much to feel full.

The only down side is that eating rabbits doesn’t provide much in terms of vitamins or minerals. Which is why if you eat nothing but rabbit you can die. Forget the wife's tale that eating too much will kill you.

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Reason 2: Eating Rabbit With Myxomatosis Will Not Hurt You

A lot of people seem to think the meat is dirty or unclean because of all the illnesses a rabbit can get. Truth is, there is only really myxomatosis that affects this wild animal and your far more likely to get a piece of lamb or beef that had some kind of illness.

So don’t worry, myxomatosis cant hurt you in anyway. Although it will make the meat far less tasty.

Reason 3: Rabbit Is Cheap

I find it hard to believe that even in England no one wants to eat rabbit. It’s a meat that supplied us during both world wars with one of the best meals going and nowadays its treated as a cheap cut. A good sized bunny will cost about £5 and should feed two people with ease.

Even if there was more demand it still be cheap because of the incredible amount of rabbits that live in the wild. Which leads me onto my next point…

Reason 4: Rabbits Are Ruining Our Countryside And Crops

Many would say they are the biggest pest in the whole of Europe and that they cost tax payers billons in the UK alone. They dig up crops, chew the bark off trees and dig holes into roads with flicks mud into ditches and drains. You only have to look into a field which they call home to see just how much damage they can do.

If more people ate rabbit, more people would hunt it and we would have a better countryside because of it!

And the Best Reason Of Them All…

It tastes good. Put your fears behind you and just try it! A lot of people tell me they find it too strong or earthy. If that’s the case you need to mask its flavour a little with a few herbs or maybe even bacon. You can cook it in a curry or a mixed stew. You can even fry it!

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