Ferreting Equipment
What You'll Need

Although there's not many bits of ferreting equipment you'll need, making sure your gear is up to the job is important. You will want a good ferret finder, ferret box and a light, all round rabbiting spade. Not forgetting a set of purse nets.

This page will tell you a little about each bit and how to get the best for your cash.

The Rabbiting Spade

Anyone who has been ferreting before knows that a lot of digging is likely to happen. Now if you are a casual ferreter, almost any spade will do the job as long as its fit to dig a fence post. But if you plan on really indulging in this sport, you'll need something a little different to the norm.

A good rabbiting spade will have a sharp edge for breaking tree roots. It'll have a thin, narrow blade so the minimal amount is dirt is shifted, like a spade designed for digging fence post holes. Think about it, as long as the hole is big enough to fit your arm down it doesn’t matter, why do extra work? Its also important that you can dig quickly and that its made from a strong material. Your blade will take some knocks, especially if you live in areas with hard soil.

Also, don’t be tempted by the folding or smaller spades. Yes they are lighter, but they just don’t have the digging power needed and were never intended to be used as ferreting equipment. I would hazard a guess they are no good for any kind of digging!

What Ferret Box Should I Use?

Ferret boxes are easy enough. It just has to be big enough for you to carry the ferrets you want and be made to fairly a good standard. The tricky part is finding a good place that sells them. Ideally, you want a nice sturdy wooden box with a sturdy supporting strap, but not many pet shops sell ferret boxes as they are very 'niche'.

First I would try your local pet shop but if not they are often sold on ebay. I would supply links but sadly I cant find a place that sells them constantly, sorry! If you know of a place please contact me and let me know. If all else fails, you could always build one yourself like I did!

What Ferret Finder/Tracker Should I use?

When it comes to ferret finders, there is only ever one choice. Deben is the best, always has been and is pretty much the only company that still makes ferret finders. Sadly, they only supply and make the modern version of there device. Which is a shame because the older one was much easier to use.

Deben trackers can be found on sites like amazon and they are far from cheap. At the time of writing this they cost about £160 for one tracker and one collar. But like I said, they are the only people that still make these and its a bit of ferreting equipment you just have to have. The good news is that Deben know what they are doing. This tracker makes finding the ferret a piece of cake by using beeps that change in speed and pitch with a light up display which tells you the distance. It comes in a waterproof and very durable box. And the collar is just as hard wearing, so don’t worry your not getting ripped off.

What Purse nets Should I Use?

This is quite a tricky one, so why not read my page all about

Choosing the Right Purse Nets ?

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