The Methods for Flushing Rabbits Into Long Nets

Every long netter knows that flushing rabbits is just as important as setting the net. Beating the field is the key moment that truly decides just how many rabbits hit your net. The methods vary a lot depending on the hunter and you’ll find it almost impossible to find a group of long netters that agree to which is best. So for your reading pleasure, here’s a simple guide to the best known.

Flushing With a Lamp

While you walk across the field in a zigzag pattern towards your net, pick out rabbits with the beam of a high powered torch or lamp. All you do is point the beam right into the rabbit’s eyes and wiggle it a little. Once he bolts, scan for the next victim.

This method is great for people who want to flush the field of rabbits with just one person. But it is also a tricky rabbit flushing method to master, as hitting the net with the light can mean disaster. With a little practice, this could be your main method. But don’t forget, this means you also have to carry a heavy lamp.

Long netting – A rabbit Flushed into a Net

The 'Rope Walk’

Simple yet highly affective. Two hunters walk with a long rope trailing across the ground towards the net, and it’s as simple as that. The sound of the rope brushing the grass and catching anything on the floor should be more then enough noise to flush any sitting bunny. But more importantly, the sound is the length of the net, meaning the only way to run is towards the net.

The downside is of course the fact this takes two people. Both will need to walk at the same speed and might want to make extra noise to add to the effect of the rope (such as a clapping or shouting). This method works best on fields with lots for the rope to drag on, like grass or uneven ground.

The ‘Jingle Jangle’

A method created and mastered by and old friend of mine, which he always called the jingle jangle method. After I had set the net, I would send a text to my hunting partner. Like a crazy Morris man, he would run across the field in a zigzag with pockets full of cat bells and coins, shouting his head off.

Now this might sound like a trick used by crazy people to clear car parks, but in truth it works well and is properly the most fun of the lot. Well for me watching anyway. The downsides are clear, the noise maker cant get close to the rabbits before the net is set or he’ll spook them for sure.

Flushing with Noise

A method that can be combined with any other, but also very effective on its own. In truth, this is the method used by most and with good reason. Yet again, walking in a zigzag towards the net flushing rabbits by making noise. People might like to shout, some will use their phone to play a Downloaded rabbit scream/distress call . In truth, any noise will do!

Other Rabbit flushing tips

• Take your time. Flushing rabbits is all about not bolting to the net as soon as a rabbit does

• It’s a good idea to have an extra man behind the net. He can catch while you flush.

• Always flush with the wind to your back, or at least not into your face. It will help mask the scent and sound of the netting and increase the affect of your flushing.

• Don’t worry about feeling like a idiot, just shout and scream. It should be dark anyway!

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