I love keeping ferrets indoors!

I wouldn’t say its for everyone, but I let my ferrets run wild around my home and its great. Keeping ferrets indoors has its downsides, the smell, the mess, the hard work, but it also offers a lot of fun! The little jokers love to play with their toys in my front room and I love to watch them. It’s a joy and a pleasure having my yellow friends go crazy all over the place.

I don’t want to sell It too strongly. I live in constant fear of treading on one of the little guys (or their poop!) and I don’t dare invite people over without a long warning. If you like the idea of mad and free ferrets all over the place don’t let that put you off!

Best of luck

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May 30, 2011
better you then me
by: JoJo

My friend has ferrets and I cant help but say, they S T I N K! You must be 100% mad and nutter! Each to there own I guess ;)


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