I politely disagree.

This was an informative article, and I didn't get offended by it, unlike some others.

Anyway, I am a therian, a rabbit to be exact (this is just my belief, just like people can be Christian/Atheist/whatever), which means I identify as that animal and believe I am a reincarnated rabbit in a human body.

This is why I would never eat rabbit and why I disapprove of hunting rabbits - I relate to them and it hurts me to see them dead or in pain.

Although rabbits have destroyed crops and are pests, humans, too could be classed as pests if another species 'ruled the world', maybe rabbits. Humans destroy forests, kill for the heck of it (some of them, anyway), and start wars.

However, most people will argue that 'humans are higher than animals' or that you 'can't compare them'. I disagree. If a human spirit (not sure of your beliefs, but let's say we do have spirits for the sake of examples) reincarnated as an animal, I am sure they wouldn't think they were worth less because of their new forms, AKA what they looked like.

If you're starving in the wild, I'm not against hunting of prey animals - that's just how things work, after all.

And if humans must kill our fellow species, I believe they should do so in a kind way, not for fun, and make use of as many parts of the animal as possible, with respect.

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Jan 27, 2018
terrible NEW
by: Anonymous


May 04, 2015
Thanks for your reply
by: charlie

Hi there.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. ALthogh i would never agree with you about you being reincarnated (and further more know what you used to be in a past life)I agree with you 100%.

We humans are the 'intelligent' creatures and therefore we have an extra responsibility for how we exploit animals. I believe if people had to kill everything they had to eat, they would eat far less meat.

Though it must be said we could have a very long debate about how we farm our animals and of course if hunting is more or less humane then farm methods. You only need to look at battery hens, veal farms and Foie gras farms to see far worse then a clean kill after a hunt.

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