My views

by Keith

Hi just a few titbits to throw into the pot so to speak,i for one love rabbit as does my wife,i feel it is very humane to hunt and kill the rabbit,the reasons you have so eloquently pointed out,rabbit has been eaten by the aristocracy for so long but no one seems to give a damn with that!!yes i believe rabbit should be reintroduced into our diet as it were back in the fifty's,it is a tender,succulent enjoyable meat,and i feel if more folk had the opportunity to sample the delicacy that is rabbit,then as you so rightly say,the countryside as we know it would be a far more beautiful sight,i myself am just starting to try out hunting rabbit and enjoying every minute,wish i had started many years previous,we reside in a country village,it takes less than ten minutes walk and i am in pastures just brimming with rabbit,i use snares also a rabbit cage,as well as the beautiful country around me,the open spaces,the health aspect breathing clean air,the walking to name just a few positives,the catching of the rabbit is the icing on the cake,i also feel as if i am eating like a king when my wife has set the meal in front of me,keep up the good work and all power to you,kind regards Keith.

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