Is a Pet Ferret
Right For You?

Keeping a pet ferret can be frustratingly complicated. The small mammal is perfectly suited to be a great pet, but in certain situations they can cause a lot of problems for you and your house. So whether you plan on keeping a ferret for hunting or as a pet you have to ask, is it right for you?

There are many things to take into account, such as where will you keep them, how you will feed them and how you will look after them. This page has been split up into sections about each aspect of care to make it as manageable as possible. If this is the first time you have considered buying a ferret pet, I would suggest you carefully read all the sections.

A pet ferret Playing on its back

How Will They Behave?

The ferret is a playful, inquisitive attention seeker. This makes them very easy to handle and can cause a great bond to be formed between you and your furry friend. Sleeping is their main activity and clocks in at about 14-18 hours a day. But don’t let this fool you into calling them lazy. They buzz with energy, searching every inch they can get their nose on, making ‘escape’ attempts a regular event in unsecure cages or pens.

If you want to find out more about how they behave, why not visit the

Ferrets Behavior, Characteristics and Domestication page?

Where Will You Keep Them?

The first big question, is will you keep them indoors or outdoors?

Ferrets smell, they smell a lot. A musty and thick odor will fill the room/s they occupy. Keeping them indoors also means that they are affected by all of your actions, such as using bright lighting and making loud noises. My advice for most would be to have a pen or cage outside. But if your keen on the idea of having a ‘household’ pet, ensure you have a charm and suitable space for them.

Will You Keep Them in a Cage or Let them Roam?

If you plan on keeping your pet ferret/s in the garden, it is a 100% must that you have a pen or cage to keep them in. Their inquisitive nature will mean they search for any path out.

If you keep them indoors, you need to decide whether or not to allow the ferrets a free roam and how often you cage them up. My advice would be to cage the animal when ever you are unable to keep a near-constant eye on them. They slip away much faster then you can imagine! You also need to consider if your willing to live with the unending fear of treading on your pet. Oh and be ready for a lot of mess, as toilet training is no guarantee and that bright yellow hair on the floor is hard to miss.

A Pet Ferret in a well made ferret cage

Which Cage Will you Use?

A sturdy cage in a cold and shaded area is a must. Make sure you fully understand what kind of cage you need as it is will decide what quality of life your animals have.

A sturdy cage in a cold and shaded area is a must. Make sure you fully understand what kind of cage you need as it is will decide what quality of life your animals have. Because there is so much to know, I have written a page all about Ferret cages I would highly recommend giving it a look.

Are you ready for a pet ferret?

And is your family ready for a pet ferret? If you have young children they might harm it or even worse, it might give the child a serious bite. As a rule of thumb, I would say children aged under 10 will not mix with a ferret. If you do have young children, decide whether it’s easy enough to keep them away from the cage.

Do you have other pets? Dogs, cats and all manner of household critters will attack or be attacked by ferrets. Think carefully about whether both sides will be safe.

Most importantly, are you ready? Any animal is hard work. You must treat them in the same way you would like to be treated. A lot of time, money and effort is needed and you have to honestly ask yourself if your willing to ‘spend’ it on a pet ferret.

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