Which Rabbit Bait is Best for Trapping?

Using rabbit bait is a funny thing. It seems like the one thing you want a bunny to eat will be left well alone! Well have no fear, with a little bit of knowhow it’s easy to offer a meal that any bunny will be unable to turn their nose up at. Using good bait can easily double the catches from a cage trap!

First things first, make sure the cage is in an area where the rabbits go (normally around the holes or near food) but make sure that the trap isn’t in the middle of ‘better’ food. Your rabbit bait has to stand out, putting some lettuce leafs under a overloaded apple tree wont tempt anything! And make sure the bait is at the back of the cage, the frustration of seeing a empty cage is almost unmatched…

‘Must Try’ Baits

Even An old apple core can make perfect rabbit bait

Before you consider going mad with unusual baits, try all of the basic rabbit baits first. Old fruit and veg from around your house are perfect. Potato peelings, apple cores, ‘slightly off’ bananas and all the other fruit and veg you would other wise throw away are more then good enough for your pests taste buds! Why let them go to waste?

If you find no success, its time to upgrade to fresher fruit and veg. Lettuce leafs, raw cabbage and any salad thats green and leafy should do the job. You can also stick to tradition and go for carrots, dandelions and leafy weeds. I wouldn’t suggest using rabbit ‘snacks’ that you can buy from pet shops, they have never proven successful and cost a bomb!

If none of the above work, you could always try…

“Unusual” Baits

When you talk about trapping baits, even one seems to have a magical kind of bait. I wouldn’t normally believe these stories, but a few can prove affective when the usual methods fail. I was once ferreting for a turkey farmer and he swore blind that turkey feed trapped no need of the pests. At first I didn’t believe him but after some research others claim that bird seed can be really affective.

Another claim is that ‘cheesy’ biscuits work. Simply crumble them up. I have also heard that peanut butter works a treat, not forgetting jam. The list is endless, but my advice is to stick to the logical baits.

Other Tips and Tricks

Spraying your rabbit trap with cider can really cover your smell

Rabbits have a strong sense of smell. When you put down the trap you can pass on a strong odor that warns the possible victim that something amiss. The best way to cover this is to spray (or drip) apple cider onto the trap.

Don’t forget that trapping in the winter is much easier then in the summer. Food is far less available during the harsh cold months and makes your rabbit bait far more appealing.

I would also suggest visiting "The Wild Rabbits Diet and Digestion system" for more information on how to temp the pest.

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