All the Major Rabbit Breeds and Rabbit Species

With over 50 different rabbit breeds in the world its no wonder people get confused. It’s often hard to find information about different species yet alone breeds!

So for your reading pleasure, here is a list of the major wild breeds and species. If you want to read about a certain type, click the link to get placed next to it. Or if you want to read them all its as simple as scrolling.

The European Rabbit

The JackRabbits

The Cotton Tails

The Pygmy

Common pet Bunnies

The European Rabbit

A European Rabbit

Oddly enough, you can find this infamous pest in Europe, southern Europe to be precise. The European rabbit is a very popular breed for both hunters and pet owners across the world because of its cute appearance and its devastating eating habits.

Eatting mostly grass and any other greenery it can sink its teeth into this common pest can breed at rapid rates.

The Jack Rabbits

A Blacktailed Jackrabbit The JackRabbits come in two different rabbit breeds. Or should I say colors? The black tail and the white tail are almost identical to each other, no prizes for guessing what sets them apart im sorry to say.

You’ll only find the black tail in the western states where-as you’ll find the white tail in central America as well. Jack rabbits are huge. Growing to an impressive size of up to 2 feet in length, not including its mighty ears.

Despite being one of the most preyed upon animals on the continent, the American bunny is one of the hardest small mammals to catch. A spiriting Jackrabbit can achieve speeds of over 45 mph! Not bad for an animal fueled on grass.

The Cottontails

A Eastern cottontail The cottontail rabbits come in two different breeds and like most species they are very similar. The Eastern Cotton Tail and the Desert Cotton Tail rabbits live in central and northern America. The only really difference between the two is location. The eastern cottontail likes grassy wooded areas like most rabbit breeds but the desert cottontail is found in dryer, sandier areas. That and the desert cottontail has a darker shade of fur with ever so slightly longer ears.

Both breeds of this rabbit species can be found in abundance, its almost impossible not to spot one in the woodlands or the sanded areas of the country. With a diet of grasses, tree saps and flowers the cottontail isn’t really a pest. But offers a seemly endless supply of food to local foxes, birds of prey and lynxes.

The desert variety likes to hide until it starts to get dark, feeding in a safer surroundings. Whereas the eastern version likes to eat during the day, most of the day!

The Pygmy Rabbit

A Pygmy Rabbit From North America, the tiny Pygmy become a famous rabbit breed basically over night. Weighing in at half a kilogram or less the pygmy entered stardom when it was moved onto the endangered list. I’m sure its mini-size helped too!

The pygmy rabbit is unlike most rabbit species because of its solid coloring, found in very few breeds or species. It has small ears and hind legs (even compared to their size!) and live in fields or areas with tall grass.

With a diet of almost anything green the Pygmy spends most of its day hiding in the very same sagebrush it is eating. Which is a good idea considering the amount of foxes, lynxes and other predators that are after it.

There are many projects and protection schemes in place to help secure this little bunnies future, so hopefully it’ll be off the endangered list soon.

Common Pet Bunnies

A Dutch Rabbit

There is such a huge list of pet rabbit breeds its overwhelming. I didn’t know where to begin and more to the point, this is hardly a good site to talk about pet rabbits! So I have found a great webpage that offers a lot of information about rabbit breeds and other
Useful rabbit information . I would suggest it to anyone looking to buy one.

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