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What rabbit hunting equipment you use is as important how you use it. Forget what they say about bad builders blaming their tools, you need good stuff to do a good job. The difference between a good net and a bad net could mean your supper running away. But you also have to think about other bits of hunting gear that are often forgotten about.

A bad pair of boots can break your ankle. A shoddy spade will never dig fast enough to catch your pray and a poorly made knife can slip and stab you. Although small things might sound unimportant they can really change your hunt for the better or worse.

When I first started ferreting I used to wear a big puffer jacket over a jumper. Which was fine when I was younger, my Dad never let me watch holes that where near thorny trees or bushes. But when I was a little bit older, I found myself picking thorns out of my arms and back after an impressive dive into the countryside hedges. I asked my Dad "How come you never get spiked by bushes?". He replied by buying me a wax jacket for the next week.Now I feel naked hunting without one.

This section of the site is all about picking the right gear and making sure you get the best you can for your money. The links below cover a range of gear. From ferret boxes to hunting boots. They should tell you how to find the best rabbit hunting equipment, where to buy it and how to use it to its best!

Choosing The Right Knife- Tips, Advice and Help

Picking the right hunting knife for your sport is important and is often over looked. Getting the right blade can mean the difference between a well suited catch and a ruined meal.

Equipment Used For Falconry - Whats Used and Why

From falcon hoods to jesses, learn what equipment is used for what and how it affects the bird and its hunt. Including gloves, bells and more

Choosing Purse Nets to Use When Ferreting

Picking the right purse nets for you is only easy if you know all the different types, lengths and options. Make sure your in the know and only buy the best.

Ferreting Equipment - Everything you Need to know about Everything You'll Need

Choose your tools wisely and make sure you have the best rabbiting spade, ferret finder and ferret box you can get.

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Picking a good pair of hunting boots of well fitting and comfortable hunting boots can make all the difference to any kind of hunting trip. Discover how to choose the best pair of boots for you and for the best price.

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