Is Rabbit Hunting Humane Or Cruel?

Now you might be thinking a site all about the sport isn't the best place to ask "Is rabbit hunting humane or cruel?". Because im not going to lie, I am a hunter and I believe whole heartedly that it is humane. But this does not mean I will gloss over the rough bits and leave parts out.

My aim is to help you make your own mind up by giving you all the facts so your informed and know what the sport is really like. I'll cover points by giving pros and cons and at the end of the page is a area for you and other readers to post your views.

What Is Humane?

This is a point most people miss out and its worth starting with. Humane is defined as kindness, mercy and sympathy. Now many would say there is no way of killing any animal kindly, so all killing is inhumane. But humanly killing something means with as little pain as possible.

The next thing you could argue about is just how do you ensure that as little pain as possible is inflected? How can we ever really know how much certain methods hurt and how much suffering is caused? Its something worth thinking about before you decided to hunt anything.

A Rabbit

Why Do We Need To Hunt Rabbits?

Many would say that a sport which provides no purpose is much crueler. Like fox hunting with hounds. Many would say it was cruel because it was done purely for pleasure as no food or real control was provided (lets not turn this into a debate about fox hunting though).

Rabbit hunting is very important to a lot of farmers, animal owners and land owners. Rabbits are one of the biggest pests in Europe. And that’s a fact not an opinion. They cause damage to plants, trees, fences and dig holes all over the place. They cost everyone money in some form or another. Whether its a bigger pricetag on the veg they destroy or the tax you have to pay to clear their hole dirt from ditches.

Rabbit meat is also a great food that occurs naturally and is sadly negated by a lot of people. I have a page all about why you should be eating rabbit if your interested. Now if you think eating meat is wrong, then this clearly isn't a point for you! But Don’t forget they eat the crops you do.

Is Rabbit Hunting Humane In All Its Different Forms?

This size of this site should give you an idea about the size of the sport. You have lots of different ways of hunting and controlling rabbit and of course some are more likely to be called cruel then others.

For example, Shooting a rabbit with a high powered rifle is a quicker death then using a snare to trap it. If you are unsure about what the different ways of hunting are you can find them in the nav bar on the top left of any page. I'd suggest you read up the different methods and get an idea for what they really include.

Kill Rabbits For Control Isn't Necessary

Nowadays you can buy a lot of rabbit repellents that can be used to scare rabbits from your land with the use of strong smells and bright lights. You can also use anti-rabbit fencing to stop them ever getting in in the first place.

Although it is true that these products are available and that they can work, they will never really solve problems for large land owners or farmers. If every farmer used repellents the rabbits would just move onto the next farm or ignore the repellent. They can be a great solution for a small garden owner but otherwise they wont really solve the problem. As for building a fence around a field, your dreaming!

Join The Debate!

Ok so maybe im more biased then I had wanted to be. If your don't think rabbit hunting is humane, tell me why! Under the links below is a box for you to post your views and to make your points. All are welcome and im keen to hear what others think!

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What do you think?

Do you think that hunting rabbit is humane or cruel? What are your reasons? Let us know.

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