Cooking Rabbit Pie

As long as we have known about pastry, we have known about rabbit pies. The tasty crust is perfect of rabbit meat creating a classic dish that makes for a perfect comfort food. Game pies are far easier to cook then most people think. The tricky bit is deciding what to put in with it!


• 1 Medium rabbit

• 2 medium oninons

• 350g's of selfraising flour(and some regular flour for dusting)

• 180g's of shredded suet

• 2 or 3 Bits of smoked bacon

• 1 Crispy cooking apple

• Half a pint of cider

• 50g's of butter

•Nutmeg and a bay leaf

Rabbit pie

How To Cook

First things first, wash the rabbit and cut it into chucks. You want to get as much meat as you can off, in good sized lumps. If your making a true rabbit pie, you'd include its heart, liver and kidneys cut up really small.

Peel your apple, then slice it up with your onions. You want your apple chunks to be small but still big enough to be able to see once the pies cooked. Next up get your bacon, remove the rinds and cut it into cubes a little bigger then the apple. I normally use about 2 bits of thick bacon but if you think yours is a little thin cut up some more.

Prep a saucepan to fry the meat in. While its heating up, mix a pinch of salt and a good sprinkle of black pepper in with a dash of flour. Roll your meat in this and move it to the pan. Once the meat goes a lovely golden brown add in the apple and onion. Keep stirring the mix to stop it from burning or overcooking on one side. Then once the onions start to become cooked add in the bacon.

Once your pleased that everything is 'mostly' cooked, pour in your cider and just over half a pint of water on your would-be rabbit pie. Mess about and bring the pan to its simmering point. You might see some bits of scum but down worry its normal, just take it out with a spoon if you can. Stick on a lid and wait while it simmers for an hour.

Make sure the meat is tender. No game pie tastes good if its chewy or hard. When your happy, remove all the food from the liquid and place it in a pie dish. The next bit is where this recipe gets clever. Get your flour and mix it with your butter to make a mess. Throw this in with the water and cider in your pan and mix it in. This will give you a nice thick goo to pour over the meat pies filling.

Last but not least, the crusty top. Get a bowl and stir up your salt, suet pepper and flour, adding water to make it a soft yet elastic dough. A good way to test this is by pushing it into the bowl and pulling it off, if it sticks add a little more flour. Roll your dough into a circle leaving you enough to press around the edges of the dish.

Make sure the dough is nice and tight around the rim of your dish and that it looks like you want it to. Like in the photo above, I like to push a butter knife into the edges of the pie to create a nice dipping effect. Once its all sealed cut a hole that allows the steam to get away. I like to cut mine into patterns and to show off the inside of my rabbit pie.

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