Rabbit recipes Only the Biggest and the Best

Rabbit recipes have been the highlight of a country mans table for many years. Cooking rabbit is a great British tradition and the wonderful food is enjoyed throughout the world. But sadly, eating rabbit meat is now seen as ‘unclean’ or ‘cruel’ by a large number of people.

A fresh, tasty and homemade rabbit stew

With a lean and gamey flavor, bunny based dishes are often strong comfort foods. Despite its ready supply (when did you last see a field without a bunny in?) rabbit is considered a bit of a delicacy around the world and a rarity, I have no idea why. It amazes me that even in Britain chicken is the nations cheap food favorite.

On this page you’ll only find the best of rabbit recipes, each with possible alterations to help you keep your meals interesting. Sick of the same old rabbit stews? Why not try adding shallots, peppers and wine to give it a Spanish twist? Or you could add pork to ‘weaken’ that strong bunny flavor.

You will also find suggestions about what food and drink to serve with your dishes to give them that extra special flavor and style.


All you need to know to cook the classic Rabbit Stew and how to make it your own with a mixture of different suggestions. With instructions how to cook in a slow cooker or the oven, this guide will help you perfect your winter warmer.

Being the way it is, rabbit meat was made for pies. Here's a fairly simple but massively tasty way to cook a crusty pie packed with flavour.

A simple rabbit vindaloo recipe that can be made by anyone with ease. By using pork and a good mix of spices this rabbit curry is sweet yet gamey with a wonderful flavour.

Fried rabbit is a massively underrated dish. Its fine flavor is similar to fried chicken but with a much deeper taste. This dish works great as a ‘quirky’ starter for dinner parties or a main for a keen hunter.

Other Important Information

Find out other important information about all things rabbit cooking. Such as how to cut up the meat, the meats nutritional value and more.

Learn why eating rabbit is a good thing for your health and to hunters and farmers alike. Also pick up some tips and advice for beginner bunny chiefs.

The nutritional information for wild rabbit meat compared to other meats such as pork and beef. Also my top seven interesting facts about rabbit meat.

Find out why eating this meat is a good idea and why its a good thing to do on a bigger scale.

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