Rabbit Repellent Methods: Which is Best and How to Use It

When it comes to rabbit repellent there's a lot of choice. This is because there isn’t a 'one size fits all' fix to this pest problem. If you have a small garden and want to defend a few personal plants you'll need a very different solution to a apple farmer. But don’t worry, this page is to explain the different options and I will explain which each repellent method is good for.

The first question you need to ask your self is "Could I get better results with hunting methods?". Now unless you have already looked into this or don’t want the rabbits to be harmed, why not check out our page "Which Rabbit Hunting Method is Best For Me?"

Spray on Repellents

A popular choice among small garden owners, spray on rabbit repellents are great for protecting important crops, like expensive plants or foods. Many spray's are available in pre-mixed or dissoluble forms.

These sprays are best used sparingly (despite what the bottle will tell you) and can be a fairly cheap and easy way to control your pest problem. The biggest problem with using sprays is having to maintain a layer of spray and the relatively small area they can cover. This means they are less then idea for people trying to protect a bit of land.

A good example of an affective rabbit repellent spray is the Defenders brand. Many of my friends say it’s the best they have ever used and covers a very large area for its price. The only real downside is having to mix it up your self.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent's

Small mammals have sensitive hearing and can hear very high pitched noises that humans can't. Ultrasonic repellers make a very high pitched and very loud sound that makes life uncomfortable for rabbits. Although this sounds might not be enough to stop a hungry rabbit entering the effective range of the emitter, it will stop them digging holes and setting up camp.

This makes them perfect for people who need to protect livestock or trees from a rabbit infestation but less then ideal for people protecting a small garden.

One of the biggest problems with this type of repellent is the lack of choice. Because it’s a fairly new product there are very few available. One of the best out there is the Garden Pest Repeller by PestStop. It has one of the longest ranges, highest success rates and is very arguably the best value for money. Although it does have its downsides. It has a very fiddly battery change and it wont weather to well if left outside uncovered. People say wrapping it in a bin bag is best.

If you plan on using an ultrasonic repellent unit you need to think about the animals or pets it may affect. If you have any pet rodents it may kill them, it might upset cats and some can cause stress for dogs. Some units allow you to adjust the frequency so it wont affect some animals, like the PestStop.

Strobe and Light Repellents

Animals hate unnatural lights and will normally run from a slight flicker from a touch. So imagine the affect a high powered strobe light will have! Strobe rabbit repellents are great for large areas but can be used in smaller spaces too.

Its not all roses of course. A high powered strobe is a sure fire way to annoy people and the cost of one strobe unit is about twice that of a ultrasonic one. One of the most famous brands to sell this type of rabbit repellent device are StrickBack. The StrickBack Strobe uses both sound and light deterrents, making it highly affective. It also uses movement detection to minimize power use and maximize its affect. Many people would strongly recommend this to people who can use it, despite the price tag.

Does It all Sound a little too Pricey?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend big if you only have a small problem or a small garden. One method that really stops rabbits getting into your garden is growing strong smelly crops.

Thyme Can be used as a Rabbit Repellent

Herbs like Thyme, lavender, mint and Oregano will help deter rabbits and provide you with a better smelling garden.

Or you can make your very own rabbit repellents for little to no cost. They might not work as well as shop mixtures, but they can be all it takes. If you want to find out more, check out our Home-Made Repellents page . If all this fails, your only option may be to using hunting methods instead.

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