How to Cook Rabbit Stew

Rabbit stew is the well known classic dish that hunters and game eaters alike obsess about. Its strong, comforting flavor offers a great winter warmer. The thing I like most about this dish is its simplistic and easy nature.

A Homemade Rabbit Stew with Trimmings

I love to cook mine in a slow cooker as it fills the house with the rich smell all day and it can be left to cook for hours at a time. Meaning a ready made meal when you get home! Its also possible to cook your rabbit stew in the oven over a shorter time.

Below is the basic recipe for both the slow cooker and oven cooked versions of rabbit stew. At the bottom of the page you’ll find possible ‘extras’ to make alternates and more flavorful rabbit stews.

Base Ingredients:
To feed two (hungry) people:

One rabbit, cut into good sized chunks

Two carrots cut into cubes or ‘sticks’

One stick of celery, cut into chunks

One good sized onion cut into chunks

About a pint of gravy, this can be homemade or the add boiling water kind

This is the basic list of ingredients and you may want to add more from the list of alternates.

How to Cook in a Slow Cooker

As simple as can be, place your ingredients in your Slow cooker.I like to mix mine up so I can scoop out a bit of everything at once when its cooked, but many like to place layers so they can pick out parts when they dish up. Pour your gravy over the ingredients, until it happily covers them. Place on the lid and turn the power on.

Which power you use depends on how long you plan to leave the stew to bubble. If you want the stew ready in about 4 hours, set to high. Set to med for 5-6 hours. Low for 7-9 hours. What’s the perfect amount of time? The clues in the name slow cooker.

Once ready, the rabbit meat should be soft and flaky. If you use a whole rabbit rather then chunks it should fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. Simply spoon out your servings and enjoy.

Serve with mash or boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables. I’d suggest a strong ale or a fruity red wine to drink.

How to Cook in a Oven

Heat your oven to about 200c (392 degrees F). Prepare a casserole dish with some oil and place your rabbit chunks in. Place in the oven until the meat is golden brown (takes a few minutes) and remove. Put in your veg and added extras around the bunny. Cover the meat and veg in gravy then put the dish back in the oven.

Let the dish simmer. After about two hours have a taste of the meat. If its soft and tender then the dish is ready. Simply serve and enjoy.

Serve with mash or boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables. I’d suggest a strong ale or a fruity red wine to drink.

Alterations and Alternates

Something as easy as Adding half a bottle of Beer can Flavor your Rabbit Stew

Flavor with booze Add strong ale for a deeper and darker taste. Add red wine for a richer, fuller taste. Or add sherry or port for a sweeter, less gamey taste. Just splash in half a bottle of beer, half a glass of wine or a couple of shots of sherry into the gravy to add that extra flavor.

flavor with Spices Paprika, thyme, bay leaves, cinnamon and the list goes on. Use your common sense to pick a herb suited for your dish and add it in small amounts. I personal love some thyme in my classic stew. And don’t forget garlic!

Add different meats If you find rabbit meat too strong adding some pork tender loin will soften its rich flavor. Or if you enjoy that gamey taste, you can add pheasant or hare. You can also add bacon or pancetta to give it a more seasoned taste.

Add different Vegetables Adding canned tomatoes rather then gravy can be winner if you like Spanish or Greek styles. Or you can simply change/add veg in the dish. I personally love half a butternut-squash cut into med-sized chucks for added color and texture.

Make it a Spanish Rabbit Stew I would only cook this in the oven and it offers a much sweeter, fresher tasting meal. Replace the single white onion with a red onion and one shallot. Get rid of the celery and put in one yellow and one red pepper cut into strips. Add two crushed garlic cloves.

Once you have browned the rabbit, pour on half a pint of white wine and half a pint of water. Add half a tin of plumb tomatoes Then add in one sprig of tarragon and a bay leaf. Cook like you would with gravy and serve with pasta.

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