How to Remove Rabbits from Rabbit Traps

Although it might sound easy, rabbit traps make removing a rabbit from them a bit of a challenge. When I first starting using traps I fell for the old error of thinking "Easy job" and ended up losing my very first catch. Its truly gutting and something you want to avoid!

There are a few things that could go wrong. The first being that the animal will bolt out of the trap the first chance you give it. The second is that it kicks you and leaves a nasty scratch, which almost hurts as much as loosing one! But lets clear one thing up once and for all…

You Can Not Release the Rabbit Elsewhere!

A common misconception is that taking the pest out of the rabbit trap and moving it else where solves anything. If you do this, the chances are the rabbit will simply die because of the confusing change,the new environment or just the fact it doesn’t know the place you moved it to. Not forgetting the fact that who ever the land belongs to properly is trying all the hunting methods he knows to kill the things!

In the UK it is breaking the law just to 're-home' the rabbit, its also immoral because your giving the problem to someone else and your likely causing the rabbit more suffering then killing it yourself. So in short, if you don’t have the heart (or know someone that does) to kill your pray, don’t hunt it. You could always try using rabbit repellents .

So You have the Rabbit Trapped, Now What?

A rabbit Trapped in a rabbit trap

Got one? Great! Shows that your using your rabbit trap properly. But now it comes to removing the rabbit and its far from a simple job. Its important you know which part of the rabbit is likely to cause the most damage. Firstly, a rabbit will never bite you. I must have had over one thousand wild rabbits in my hands and they have never ever tried. The only part you really have to worry about is their back legs.

Generations of digging has giving the burrowing pest one hell of a set of legs. Match that with its claws and you could feel some pain. The next thing you need to do is make sure there's no chance for the animal to run away. The problem with rabbit traps is you have to open it to get the rabbit out.

Now there are two ways of solving this. Some people like to shot the rabbit while its still in the trap. This works but isn't something I would ever recommend as the shot can easily hit the cage and bounce back at you. Best case you break your rabbit traps, worst case you end up in A&E, so think twice before doing this.

The best way to remove the bunny is by tilting the trap backwards. This will mean the rabbit falls into the back of the trap and the entrance is facing upwards. In other words, the only way out is to jump from the back to the front at 90 degrees. Since I started doing this I haven't lost a single catch and its just about the only way to do it.

Where and How to Grab

Once you have tilted the rabbit traps up you still need to get hold of the rabbit in a way that means you can kill it without it kicking you and getting away anyway. The best place to hold them is by the back legs. If you can, get the back legs in one hand and the middle of its body in the other. This will give it very little wiggle room.

Still worried about being scratched? It happens no matter how well you handle it. Some people like to wear thick gardening gloves and it works a treat as these will also keep your scent off of the traps.

And then its just a case of killing the rabbit. If your unsure on how to do this, why not check out our page about Humanly killing Rabbits ?

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