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Can I ask a favour from you?

If you have enjoyed my website and found its content useful, could you please share this hunting site with others? The reason I built this site was to allow anyone with the internet to find out about rabbiting. Now im not saying the sports nearing its end, but there are no where near as many hunters as there once was. And even as a young man this upsets me! So if you could tell your friends and family about How-To-Hunt-Rabbit, it would be a great help.

The easiest way to share this hunting site is via email, Facebook or Twitter. Just recommend the site and include the link or take the link from the url box at the top of the page.

Or if you own a website or blog of some kind, please add a link to one of your pages. Please see the section below for the html codes to make your life a little easier.

Adding a link will only take a moment or two and if it matches what your site/blog is about im sure your readers will thank you for it. Because if you enjoyed this site why wont they? And they will like you more as a information provider and hopefully return again because of it.

Many thanks in advance

Charlie Hart
From How-To-Hunt-Rabbit

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Rabbit Hunting Advice, Methods and Tips
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<a href="" target="_blank"> Rabbit Hunting Advice, Methods and Tips <br>
Rabbit Hunting Advice, Methods and Tips Find all the information about hunting rabbit, including advice on exterminating, controlling and hunting this amazing animal. From snaring to ferreting, from fences to repellents and more
Click to see code:
<a href="" target="_blank"> Rabbit Hunting Advice, Methods and Tips <br>

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