Building a Snare Trap

Snare traps are useful for more then just rabbits. They can be used to hunt a large number of animals and are often the reason people start hunting in the first place. In this page im going to show you how to build the basic wire loop snare. It’s the easiest and arguably the best trap you can use for small game hunting, and its cheap too.

What You'll Need To Build Your Snare

You only really need three things. Wire, pliers and a tape measure. although almost any wire will get the job done, good hunters would stick to a strong flexible stainless steel. I would recommend 20 gauge as it’s a nice middle ground between flexible and strong, but you could use copper or even brass if you need to. Don’t forget that trapped animals will try to chew, kick and wiggle their way out of your snare trap!

The tape measure doesn’t have to be anything special, you can even use a ruler if you like. Its just to give you an idea of size and after you make a few you might not even need it. The pliers are to cut and shape the wire. If you don’t have a pair of pliers that can cut as well as grip just use a pair of wire cutters.

Making your Snare Trap

pull out a length of wire and cut it about 21 inches long (This is the perfect length to snare rabbit, if you plan on hunting bigger or smaller game add or take a few inches). Take one end of the wire and loop it around your index finger to make a loop, leaving 2 or 3 inches on the short end. Try to keep the loop the same size and wrap the wire around its self a few times, like in the picture below:

Making a snare trap

Once you have done this, use your pliers to clamp down on where the wire is wrapped round to push it together and lock it in place. This is the most important part of your snare, if its weak the prey will get away. The best way to test its strength is to put a pencil into the loop and then pull it and the wire apart from each other. If the loop comes undone you'll have to start again.

Next, feed the other end of the wire into the your loop. This will make a bigger loop and this is where you now have a choice. If you want to use a hanging snare trap (a trap that hangs from trees off a bit of string) or a fence trap (used between the mesh in fences) you need to make a loop on the other end of the wire. To this you can tie your string and your traps finished!

Or if you want to make a peg trap (which is normally the case) you need to make a peg. Take a length of wood (5-8 inches is what I use) and cut it into a point to stick into the ground. Then drill a hole in the top of the peg for your wire to feed into. Then make a loop in a similar fashion to how you made your first around this peg. Like in the photo below:

A rabbit snare with a peg

And its as simple as that! but sadly, using them is isn't. Now you know how to make snare traps, you need to learn how to use them and how to use them properly. If they are used incorrectly or without the land owners permission they could be classed as cruel and illegal. Check out my other page to learn how to Set rabbit snares

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