Trapping Rabbit – Tips and Advice on Trap Placement

One of the best control methods available to any land owner (large or small), trapping rabbit remains the easiest way to protect your land. But it's also great for hunters or for a lover of wild food. But yet, people are still confused about how to bait and where to place their traps. This page is all about where and how to place your cage and box traps to give you the best chance.

How to Handle Your Traps

You stink, it’s sad but it’s true. You smell so much rabbits can sniff your unnatural smells days after you put the trap down. So ether you stop using soap, or you cover your scent when placing your rabbit traps. First of all, leave the cage/box outside for a couple of days to let it air out.

Then when it comes to setting the trap, don’t cover yourself in deodorant, soap and the like. Most hunters or farmers have ‘hunting clothing’ or ‘work clothing’ that they don’t wash and that stink to high heaven. If you don’t have any unclean clothing, just make sure your not wearing anything that you have washed lately.

The next important bit of kit for trapping rabbits is a pair of gloves. Gardening gloves will do the trick but used leather gloves are the best bet. Yet again, leave these outside to let them air off and smell wild. These are the most important thing, so don’t skip this!

If you dress right, you should have no problem. But some people like to spray their trap with a sweet smelling cider. This will help bait the trap and cover your smell. The other option is to smoke the trap. You can do this with a lit torch or just by burning some newspaper inside the trap. If you ask me, it’s so easy its worth it.

Where to Place Your Rabbit Trap

One of the best tips for trapping rabbit I can give you is this; Rabbits follow food. Slapping the trap outside their holes and crossing your fingers will work, but it has half the affect of placing the trap where they graze.

Rabbit In a Hedgerow

Like in the photo above, the rabbits will often graze just outside of hedgerows. If you just place your rabbit trap facing the hedgerow here you won’t go far wrong. Just wait for rabbits to show and graze (or look for signs of them grazing) and take note. This is pretty much the best advice I can give for trapping rabbit!

But you do of course need to consider other things. If the trap is made of metal (or has metal on it), it will shine in the sunlight. This will make it seem less appealing to your prey but more worryingly, they can look very appealing to other hunters. I hate to think how many traps iv lost over the years. So learn from my mistakes. If you think they might ‘go walkies’, place them out of sight.

Other Tips for Trapping Rabbits

• Place the trap so its entrance is facing the holes or hedgerow.

• Nothing in the trap? unless you plan to move it, don’t touch it. The rabbits might begin to ‘trust’ the trap more over time.

• Check your traps regularly, its cruel to leave a live rabbit inside of a trap for anything longer then a day.

• It is illegal to move rabbits off your land. If you catch one, you have to kill it or let it free into your land again. Would you want people letting rabbits loose on your land?

• Although trapping rabbits is great for pest control, it can only catch so many. If you have a large problem you might have to use other methods as well as trapping to see any affect.

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