Rabbit Vindaloo Recipe
The Best Rabbit Curry You'll Ever Eat!

More people want to try a good rabbit curry nowadays. And the best by far is a rabbit vindaloo recipe thats simple with no thrills. My recipe uses some pork to balance out the lack of fat on a rabbit. If you have a nice big fatty winter bunny you might want to leave the pork out, but its not suggested.

Now it goes without saying, you could of course use a ready made paste or source and still get a semi-decent meal. But if you have the time and patience you can cook something really special! The following rabbit vindaloo recipe serves 4:

A Vindaloo Rabbit Curry


1 table spoon of vegetable oil

25 grams of butter

400 grams of rabbit meat, cut into cubes the size of your thumb

200 grams of belly pork, cut into cubes about half the size of the rabbit

2 white onions, cut small

2 well diced garlic cloves.

Half a table spoon of tomato purée

1 and a half table spoons of ground cumin, ground coriander, garam masala and sweet paprika

Half a table spoon of ground turmeric and cayenne pepper

Half a table spoon of yellow mustard seeds

10 fresh curry leaves (or 5 bay leaves)

50ml white wine vinegar

250 grams can chopped tomatoes

300ml of beef stock

Then you can decided how hot you want it using dried chill flakes or finely sliced fresh green chillies. The more you add the hotter it gets! For a medium spicy rabbit curry, I use 200 grams of chilli flakes.

How To Cook Your Rabbit Curry

I know it’s a long list of ingredients but dont worry this vindaloo recipe is easy. First you need to heat a frying pan and use it to heat half the oil and half the butter at a good heat. Wait for it to get hot but don’t let it start to spit. Once its ready brown off your rabbit and pork for about 4 to 5 mins so its nice and brown all over.

Remove the meat and put it aside for later. Now throw in the rest of your butter and oil. Turn the temperature down to a low-medium heat. Then you need to add EVERYTHING other then the white wine vinegar, the beef stock and can of tomatoes. Mix it all together so the spices blend.

Finaly, add your stock, chopped tomatoes and white wine vinegar. Yet again give it a good mix and then add in your meat. Cover your pan and let it simmer for about an hour. Your house should now smell like bliss. Remove your lid and let it cook for a further half hour. Once its tender and easy to pull apart with a fork its ready.

Serve With..
I like mine with some rice and spinach leaves. As with any curry, this rabbit vindaloo recipe goes great with a naan bread, poppadoms and a bed of rice.

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