Just like a coin, the internet has two sides –positive and negative. It is both an amazing and dangerous thing. It is different for adults because they have a sense of the internet and know how to use it but when we talk about children. The internet is a new world for them and they want to explore it without realizing the consequences or how it is going to affect their mind and behavior. This is where the internet itself helped the parents by introducing parental control applications for them to see the activity of their children and block certain websites if it is dangerous or not appropriate for the children, apart from learning more on parenting tips like how to buy the best bottles for spit up.

Benefits of parental control apps

  • The main benefit is to protect your children from dangerous, obsessive, or inappropriate content and websites. The parents cannot entirely take away their devices so this way the children can take help from the internet for their homework and also see content which is appropriate for them
  • The main drawback that parents face with the internet is that they are not very familiar with it so they cannot question their children because, in the case of the internet, children are very quick to learn. This way parents will also become familiar with the world of internet
  • Another benefit is that many kids cannot speak about the bullying they are handling at school or on the internet to their parents. Some of the best parental control apps help the parents to see what messages or email their children are receiving or sending
  • Many people may think that these apps will build a wall between the parents and their children, but they make the relationship stronger because they come to understand that the only reason their parents are on these apps because they care about them and want to protect them


Some of the best parental control app

Many applications provide have different features and offer different things. You can find many best parental control apps which offers many things like they also inform the parents about the call, text, or e-mail made by their children or made to them. It also informs about the location their child has been or where they are currently. It is undetectable so the children cannot know about this application.


The main use of these applications 

It offers the parents to use the device for accessing permission to the internet for certain content and websites which they find harmful for the kids. Certain applications and video games can also be prohibited from downloading. These applications also provide a category for a specified type of applications, which makes it easier for the parents to find a specific app. They also give them the right to block a particular website entirely so that their children can have no access to that dangerous and inappropriate website. It also shows the parents the activity of their children on every social site. It helps the parents to know the behavior of their children. These applications also have a setting where the parents can control how long their children can use the device and a specific application.