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Tips and Methods for Controlling, Hunting and Cooking Rabbit

Hunting rabbit is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I love to hunt and with the diversity that rabbiting offers I can go after Europe’s biggest pest in a whole bunch of different ways. Not only can hunting and controlling this game offer great sport, but it can be a money maker (or a money saver if you’re a landowner).

I have built this website to give the best possible information about all the methods. I have spent a lot of time learning, testing and most of all, enjoying all forms of this sport. So if you’re a farmer or hunter looking for a new way to control or kill rabbits, or if you just want some helpful advice, this is the place for you!

My Dad introduced me to hunting rabbit at a young age. One of my earliest memories is holding a ferret on a chilly winter morning. Ever since then I have be hooked and have looked for new rabbit hunting methods.

A wild rabbit, ready to be caught

It turns out hunting rabbit is a versatile sport. Offering something for anyone, young or old. And with rabbits being an ever growing problem more and more people are looking for skilled fields men to clear their land of the pesky destroyers.

Of course it’s not all for the farmers; Ferreting, falconry, long netting and shooting all make for great days out. They offer fun, exercise and great wild food. So you have the choice to snare and trap the odd bunny to protect your land or to stalk your prey with an air rifle to make a stew.

The site is split into categories which can be found in the nav-bar which you can find below. Just click the category your interested in and then read on to find more information.

The site is split into categories which can be found in the nav-bar or in the links below. Simply click the category your interested in and then read on to find more information.

The Hunting Rabbit Blog

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Wild Rabbit Information and Facts, All You Need To Know

Find out what the wild rabbit eats, where they live and even their history. This page contains all the information and insight to help hunt, control or admire the wild animal.

Rabbit Control, All the Methods and Tricks

A detailed break down of all the methods used for rabbit control. Including how to spot the problem and which are kindest,cleanest and cheapest exterminating methods available.

Rabbit Hunting, The General Overview

A breakdown of the all the methods of rabbit hunting to decide which is best. Including how to kill, gut and dress a rabbit and more.

All Things Ferreting, Methods, Tips and Advice

Learn all you need to know about ferreting with this how to guide. Discover all you need to know about the animal, the equipment and this method for hunting rabbit.

Falconry: The History, Facts and Beginners Guide

Ever wanted to know about hunting rabbit with falcons? Learn all the basics, laws and styles in this guide for novices.

Long Netting for Rabbit, All You Need To Know

Learn about using long Netting to hunt and control rabbits. Everything you need to know to start using this massively underused method.

Rabbit shooting, All the Methods, Laws and Tricks

All you need to know about rabbit shooting. Whether you plan to stalk with a air rifle, lamp with a .22’ or ferret with a shot gun, it’s all here.

Rabbit Hunting Dogs; All you need to know

Discover the different breeds of dogs used, how they are used and all the laws for rabbit hunting dogs. Including how to do stalking, flushing and lamping.

How to Rabbit Snare .The Methods to Build, Use and Set Snare traps

How to use the powerful rabbit snare to control or hunt on any landscape. Master the lost methods of building wire snares, fence snares and more.

Rabbit Trapping, How to Make, Use and set Traps

How to make high quality box and cage traps for rabbit trapping. Discover how to use these traps to maximum effect and what bait is best.

Rabbit hunting Equipment - Where To Buy It and How To Pick The Best gear

There's a lot of rabbit hunting equipment to choose from and with such a range its hard to know which is best and what gives you the best value for money.Learn all you need to here.

Rabbit recipes; Only the Biggest and the Best

Discover the best rabbit recipes and all you need to know about cooking rabbit, from stews to pies and even curry.

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